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The National Dialogue Forum inaugurates its grand opening ceremony

The National Dialogue Forum for Democratic Change launched in Addis Ababa the Ethiopian capital on Saturday night 31/07/2010, among large crowd composed of The Democratic Alliance Forces, other organizations and civil society organizations from all parts of the world. Mr. Mukhtar Khidir the member of the Leadership of the Democratic Revolution Front Party for Ethiopian people, has the honor to attend Khamis Abdullah Yemen Republic Representative in Secretarial axis of Sanaa cooperative countries and Mr.Othman Abu Aagla Sudan representative in Secretarial axis of Sanaa Cooperative Countries have the honor to attend the inauguration also attended the inauguration ceremony Mr. Joseph Magnt representative of the non-governmental organizations and a number of journalists. In the opening ceremony, a number of important words addressed, started by the word of the Preparatory Committee which made by Mr. Bashir Ishaq in Arabic and translated by Mr. Dmnico in Tigrinya. The word has pointed to the steps and efforts made by the Preparatory Committee to prepare for this conference which is attended by 322 people representing political forces of the Eritrean civil society organizations from all over the world, followed by the word of the Democratic Alliance of Eritrea by the Chairman of the Executive Office of the Alliance in Tigrinya and Mr. Abdulgadir Hamid in Arabic reviewed the situation of Eritrea and the suffering of the Eritrean people, and noted the efforts made by the opposition to unite their efforts as the establishment of the National Rally and, the alliance of democratic and called for everyone to work for the coordination capabilities of the opposition by all its different in order to fight a common vision, followed by the speech of Mr. Mukhtar Khidir provided by the Amharic has been expressed by the deep relationship of Eritrean Ethiopian, clear readiness to support the Eritrean people and stand up to enjoy security and stability, also Mr. Joseph made a word in which expressed his regret at the suffering of the Eritrean people because of the regime behavior and wished the people of Eritrea peace and stability, rolled the words of the participants expressed the importance of this important historical event and the aspirations and hopes. The most important of these words the word of refugees in the Sudan by Mr. Hamid Dlachai, the word of women, and the word of journalists. 
Also speeches of delegations continued on the morning of the first Sunday of August, and a Secretariat will be elected to manage Forum works and papers discussions.


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