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Breaking News / Saudi authorities release Sheikh Hassen Salman, President of the Eritrean Islamic Congress.

In a positive step, in response to appeals, lobbies and the intervention of benevolent intermediaries, the President of Eritrean Islamic Congress Sheikh Hassen Salman was released. As it was previously stated Sheikh Hassan Salman had been detained by the Saudi authorities since 6 Ramadan 1432 Hegira after he arrived to perform the Umrah in the Jeddah International Airport.  He was released in the morning of 11/01/2012 (corresponding to 17 Safar 1433 Hejira). Now, Sheikh Hassen Salman is a free enjoying life with his family, his fans and supporters.

Al-massar web-site disseminates the above good news to all the Eritrean people in general and the supporters and the masses of the Eritrean Islamic Congress in particular. Furthermore, it extends its sincere thanks and appreciation for those who expressed their solidarity across Face book and various media sites. Moreover, we appreciate the web-sites: Adoulis, Farajat, Awate, Arkokabay and Anseba and others which have pioneered in the appeal and advocacy in his detention.

We, in the editorial board for Al-massar web-site highly appreciate all the efforts exerted by the public, official mediators' benevolence and the solidarity & appeals of civil society. Furthermore, we are grateful for all those who contributed to the release through publishing articles or making telephone calls to check or show their sympathy.

The unity and solidarity that we found in the Eritrean people, individuals, groups, organizations and the civil societies clearly confirms the strength of the Eritrean people who broke the inherent regulatory barriers and narrow partisan. It demonstrates the unified position and solidarity in terms of national issues and to advocate for national leaders in their plight.

Last month, in a similar context, the Sudanese authorities had released Mr. Abdelgadir Hamid, Mr. Ramadan Mohamed Nur and Mr. Hamid Mohammed Al-Hassan members of the executive committee of the Eritrean Islamic Congress. In addition, the veteran journalist Mr. Jamal Humed had been released. As it is well-known, the Sudanese authorities had arrested the above mentioned Eritreans on 22/10/2011 AD following the visit of Isaias Afewerki to Khartoum.

We appreciate the governments' of Saudi Arabia and Sudan for understanding the situation of Eritrean opposition movements and the Eritrean Islamic powers in particular. Moreover, we thank them for responding to the lobbies and appeals of benevolent people in releasing the detainees.  We wish this will open new horizons in the relations between the peoples of the three countries based on trust, interdependence and deep understanding of the issues in the region


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